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Dental Office Standards

   Today's dental office is designed with much more than functionality in mind. Many dentists realize that the physical environment of their dental practice is more than a veneer - it is a key factor in building trust with patients, a tangible element that patients use to measure the quality of dental care. With this in mind, many dental offices are designed to give patients a low-stress, satisfying dental experience. Here are just a few examples...
Stress reduction may begin with classical music or ambient sound in the reception area, such as a soothing waterfall or other nature sounds. Some dental practices opt for architectural touches in the reception area to set a mood of quiet elegance, such as arches, pillars, granite countertops and maple cabinetry. Walking in, a patient could be greeted by a circular staircase, a reception area covered in dark wood, and period furniture. Patients are then pleasantly surprised by the contrast when they reach an operatory fitted with the latest, most efficient technology.

An increasingly popular solution to the stress of going to the dentist is on-site massage. One dental practice, Connelly & Fiorillo (Provincetown, MA) provides a massage therapist who massages your lower legs and feet to soothe tension and ease stress during dental work. For a teeth-whitening procedure, the massage therapist begins as soon as you're seated in the chair and before any work begins. Your pants are rolled to your knees, and during the 90-minute whitening procedure you enjoy a relaxing foot massage.

At Newtown Family Dentistry (Newtown, PA) patients are greeted with warm tea, coffee, or natural spring water. After relaxing a bit, patients are escorted into either the Garden Room, the Ocean Room, or the Backyard Room - "theme" treatment rooms featuring realistic scenarios including waterfalls, lighthouses, and live plants and flowers. The effect is to minimize the psychological impact of the dental procedures and replace them with safe, secure, and pleasant sights, smells, and sounds. During treatment, patients are offered a warm, scented neck wrap to ease tension and soothe neck muscles. Aromatherapy is used to counter the strong, medicinal smell most people associate with a dentist's office. Ambient sounds of waves on the seashore, raindrops, or a water trickling in a creek help relax the patient.

The dental office of Dr. James Moreau (New Orleans, LA) offers spa services to help patients relax and even enjoy the experience. The waiting room has plants, a water fountain and serene music piped in. The examination rooms are equipped with aromatherapy burners, music and satellite tv screens above the chairs that the patients can control. While the dentist or hygienist is working on their teeth, patients are treated to a heated herbal neck pillow and hot parrafin hand dip. There is also a coffee, juice and bottled water bar that serves complimentary beverages and snacks such as fresh baked cookies. Patients may also schedule massages and reflexologies during their dental treatment.


Dental Procedures

Some of the more common cosmetic dental procedures today: Tooth Colored Restorations, Porcelain Inlays/Onlays, Porcelain Veneers, Implants, Porcelain Crowns, Permanent Bridges, Bonding, One Hour Laser Whitening and more.

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