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Root Canal - Tooth Decay Repairs

Root Canal - Tooth Decay Repairs

Root Canal: For almost as long as there have been dentists, there have been root canals. Incredibly, ancient civilizations developed this highly refined method for saving teeth: root canals were historically available only to the upper classes including pharaohs, kings, queens and dignitaries. To fully appreciate the root canal, one must have a better understanding of tooth structure:

At the heart of each tooth is active, living tissue or "pulp" inside tiny canals, containing nerves and blood vessels which nourish the tooth from the very tip of the root. These canals converge in a chamber in the middle of the tooth. As tooth decay approaches this chamber, the pulp tissue becomes irritated and inflamed by acids released by decay-causing bacteria, and by this time a toothache is usually present. If untreated, the pulp becomes irreversibly inflamed and dies, leading to loss of the tooth.

The infection can even spread from the root tip into the jaw bone. To save the tooth, surrounding tissue, and bone, prompt removal of this pulp tissue is required. The root canal procedure removes all inflamed tissue and bacteria, cleans the canal with antiseptic, shapes and then fills the inside of the canal with a flexible dental plastic composite, protecting and sealing the canal from bacteria. Later, a crown is placed over the tooth to restore its strength. By selecting a porcelain or tooth-colored ceramic composite crown, the natural appearance of the original health tooth is also restored, and the procedure is complete!


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